Choosing Where To Board Your Pet

choosing-where-board-petWhen you plan a trip and can’t bring your cat or dog with you, what do you do? A professional boarding home will provide safety, shelter, and stimulation for your pet while you’re away. Of course, you can’t trust your fur baby to just anyone. Here are a few things to look for when considering which boarding home or kennel is right for you.

Why Choose a Kennel?

You may have the options to leave your pet in the care of a friend or take them with you during your trip, but there are some advantages to using a kennel.

  • Avoid stressing yourself and your pet with long drives or while navigating airports.
  • Your pet will have people and other animals around them, so they’ll never be lonely.
  • Enjoy your trip without worrying about securing your pet when it can’t be with you.
  • Avoid extra hotel and travel fees for pet accommodations.
  • While some pets might have a hard time adjusting to being in a new environment, boarding service staff are trained to help them stay calm and enjoy their experience.

    Choosing a Boarding Service

    Here are some ways to evaluate a boarding home before you commit to a visit.

    • Ask your friends, family, and veterinarian for referrals. Check the business’ website for information on lodgings, prices, and amenities.
    • Do a web search or use an online review site to find out more about others’ experiences with the kennel.
    • Check the status of the kennel’s license. An active license ensures the business is in good standing with the state and meets the minimum requirements for animal and human safety.
    • Research your options and narrow your list down to 2 or 3 possibilities. Schedule a visit to look at the grounds. During the visit, take note of the following things.
    • What are the vaccination requirements for boarded pets? A kennel that requires basic vaccinations ensure that your pet returns home disease-free.
    • How does the boarding area smell? There should be enough ventilation to provide fresh air continuously.
    • Is the boarding area well-lit and in good repair? Keep your eyes open for damaged equipment that could indicate neglect.
    • Is the exercise or outdoor areas large enough to accommodate the number of animals boarded? What toys and amenities are available for your pet’s use? Is there a covered exercise area so your pet can still move freely if the weather turns bad?
    • Talk to the staff. Evaluate their knowledge of animals. Watch how they interact with boarded pets.
    • Ask about feedings and bathroom breaks. Will your cat need to share a litter box? Discuss any needs at that time, like special diets.
    • Is there a veterinarian on site, or is there a protocol to call one if a pet shows signs of illness or injury? A boarding space that is part of a veterinarian’s office works best for pets with chronic health issues.
    • Ask about other services your pet can enjoy during their stay. Grooming and bathing will keep your pet comfortable and save you the trouble of having to do it yourself when you return home.

    Being separated from your pet can be hard emotionally. If you’re boarding your pet in the Tulsa OK area, check out the amenities at Care Animal Hospital. Contact a staff member for more ways to make your getaway easier for you and your pet.

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